Summertime in Vienna

Concert begins at 7.30pm with supper available from 6pm.

Tickets £15, available from the Whinburgh Music Festival website or by contacting Liz Cooper on 01362 699195/

The concert, conducted by Dario Salvi, is the second performance of this programme. The first concert will be conducted by Bulgarian conductor Nayden Todorov in early June.

The programme includes some rarities and first live performances as well as very well known and loved classics.

The concert opens with the first performance of Genée’s overture for Nanon, one of his most successful Operettas, together with Der Seekadett, which is also featured in the programme in a ‘Quadrille; composed by Eduard Strauss on themes from the opera.

From Genée we move to Josef Richter and his Lied Ohne Worte (song without words) featuring Paige Galer on French Horn. We then move into more familiar territory with a march by Johann Strauss, jr. dedicated to the Emperor Franz Josef I and a selection from one of the most famous operettas coming from Austria, Millocker’s Gasparone.

We will then cross the border into France for a Can Can by Offenbach – this time it is not the usual ‘Can Can’ from Orpheus in The Underworld but one of his lesser known works.

The first part of the programme will conclude with one of the most famous waltzes by Johann Strauss, Roses from the South.

The second part of the programme opens with the ‘Intermezzo’ from Offenbach’s Tales of Hoffman with its grand introduction and mellow barcarole. We the move back to Austria with a polka from Millocker’s The Beggar Student. Another solo, featuring Amy Robinson on clarinet, this time from Verdi’s La Traviata, will move us again into new territory, this time Northern Italy. Schumann’s Träumerei, with its romantic melodies will lead the way towards the conclusion of the concert with Johann Strauss’ Wine, Women and Song and Bauern Polka.